Milk: Chocolate or No Chocolate?

Chocolate milk gets a bad rap.  Yes it is sweet, it has more sugar than regular milk. BUT, kids need calcium and kids need vitamin D.  Well, we all need calcium and vitamin D.  Childhood obesity is on the rise. With that said you probably think I am going to say don’t ever put chocolate in your child’s milk. WRONG! Without adequate calcium, our bodies do not burn fat efficiently. Additionally, those of us who have an abundance of fat cells have low circulating vitamin D levels because vitamin D gets trapped in these cells. Therefore, the calcium taken in is not absorbed in great sufficiency. What is the best source of calcium and vitamin D? Yup…milk! What we have learned recently is that when chocolate milk is forbidden, consumption of milk is insufficient to provide children with adequate calcium. A recent study out of Canada looked at milk consumption when chocolate milk was taken out of the school and it dramatically decreased. Less milk leads to lower calcium, which leads to more fat stores, which leads to lower circulating vitamin D, which leads to lower calcium absorption and the problem spirals. The answer…MODERATION! I am not saying to allow chocolate milk all day every day but one glass with a moderate amount of chocolate is OK and maybe even helpful. Too much milk can lead to iron deficiency though. For another day…


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