Role Modeling Goes a Long Way

Do you want your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables? Do you want your kids to be active? Eating family meals together and exercising with your children is paramount in instilling these behaviors into your children. If children see you eating healthy and exercising they are much more likely to do so themselves. With our busy lifestyles, many people do not sit down and eat together as a family. Numerous studies have indicated that families who eat together have higher intakes of fruits and vegetables and improved intake of folic acid, fiber and iron. In addition, families who eat together have lower salt and sugar intake than families who don’t sit down together for at least 4-5 meals per week. Emerging evidence also indicates that role modeling exercise is extremely impactful as well. Current literature demonstrates that parents who exercise with or around their children vs. parents who go out to a gym to exercise have children who are much more active. If you want your kids to be healthy you have to be healthy too.